Favorite Music Right Now 9.26.16

Melanie Martinez (Alphabet Boy, Dollhouse, and Crybaby)- In case you did not know, Melanie is known for her creepy and cute style from being on The Voice. I really love listening to the beat of her songs and the slap of reality her songs release. And yes, I am a Crybaby;)

5 Seconds of Summer (She’s Kinda Hot, Good Girls, Broken Home)- The hip new boy band. Correction, ROCK band. The beat, the voices and the members just is perfect. The members of the band are Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin who are all Australian.

Cher Lloyd (Activated, Just Be Mine, With your Love)- Cher Lloyd is the best-est and coolest brat ever! She started out on The Voice along with One Direction. She won fourth place and received a record deal. She is known for her unique voice and her attitude.

Rebecca Black (The Great Divide)- Yes, the Friday girl back again! Rebeccca Black was discovered by “Friday” which was a music video full of auto tune and terrible grammar (who am I to talk when I barely know when to capitalize). She has made an amazing comeback from that video with “The Great Divide.”

Chain smokers & Halsey (Closer & New Americana)- Chainsmokers have definitely improved since “Selfie.” They have come out with many new songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” or “Roses.” Halsey however, she has an incredibly talented voice along with a very catchy beat. Together, they are unstoppable with “Closer.”

The [Somewhat] Daily Post! 9/22/16

Today was one of those days filled good times, but bad times. I participated a lot today in my classes. A big difference from last year when I only raised my hand in a class like once a week. I really wanna do better in my studies so I can get out of Virginia. Virginia is beautiful, filled with stories and secrets, but unfortunately, Virginia has caused nothing but pain and tears to me. I was so upset in Social Studies where I got an eighty three on my classwork. Social Studies was always boring and never had a point, but this year we are getting into the good stuff. Mmmhmm. I always watch conspiracy theories on YouTube from my favorite YouTuber, Shane Dawson. But this year, I will be able to incorporate conspiracy theories with History. Still a nightmare, but better. I am looking forward to this year.

The New Girl

There’s this girl, she lives in my neighborhood. She loves to dance and smile. She moved to my area last year. We were friends that laughed with each other. But one day, she met her friends and I met mine. I see tons of her in the hallways now. I wish I only saw one. Every time, I regret letting her pass me, but I don’t think she feels the same. I wish she could smile at me once more. I guess that’s middle school.

We don’t talk anymore.

The [Somewhat] Daily Post!

Today was another alright day. It is currently my eleventh day of seventh grade and I already know what is coming. I have all advanced classes and its already so stressful for me, that my mom bought me ice cream to eat whenever I’m stressed. I really want to prove everyone wrong that I am not another “smart Asian.” When you actually get to know me, I am not smart at all. I do not contain any form of street smarts whatsoever. I curse and I have more dumb moments than you can count.

I talked and joked with all my close friends about YouTube drama and laughed on and on about the Pokemon Go Song. Then we joked about drugs and smoking. Just another ordinary day I guess.



The Nightly Post!<3

I totally feel bad for my friend! Those of you who know, or read my other posts, you will find out I am so not a sports fan. But in health class, we were learning communication skills and anger issues. I don’t know how going outside has anything to do with communication or anger skills, but I would rather go outside than do a boring lesson on how to meditate! Since my friends and I didn’t want to walk the boring track, we decided to play soccer. Well, they did, I just didn’t want to be left out. Everyone knows I’m a terrible player, but I try my best. You could even say I’m not bad. Especially since my family tree doesn’t contain any interest of sports whatsoever. So of course, there were team captains who chose their players. My two other friends are chosen first as always, while me and my other friend are always left out. My heart beats with nervousness as I can feel that there is only my friend and I left. “Paris” a team captain says. Just by that first sound, I could tell my friend was filled with embarrassment. I wanted her to keep smiling.I wanted her to keep smiling because I knew why that team captain chose me. So we finished a game, the previous captain was now playing football with the boys. Two new captains were assigned, one was my friend. She went first. “Gabby,” understandable, they’ve been friends forever. “Xandra,” ok, yah their friends, and she’s really good at soccer. As usual, me and my friend are last. It was the new guy’s turn. My friend knew him. So she thought she could be chosen first.  But she was wrong. I knew why he chose me. And the reason is just so sad. A bit funny, but sad. The captain knew my friend for three years, and he still didn’t know her name. I’m so sorry.

The NIGHTLY Post!<3

In math class today, I forgot to answer a question on the homework work sheet, so I just filed it in with a question mark saying I didn’t know. The thing is, with my math teacher, you could say she is really strict. My definition, scary. It’s the worst thing to have a mean teacher. She also doesn’t give homework completion grades so easily. Even if its about 4 pages, she will check it. And she’ll say something if she has a problem with it. One of my friend’s, he’s been absent for a long amount of time, and he owes a lot of homework. Yah, so he kind of forgot, and it didn’t really end up well for him. So back to the story, I was scared. To do as what she wanted to do, I opened up my computer and filled in our warm-up worksheet. Everyday, while we are doing our warm-up, she checks homework. My hands start to get real sweaty as she picks up my homework. Of course, she says something. “I’m gonna have to take points off for this because it’s your responsibility, to ask me if you need help.” Phew. You will have no idea how scared I was. Just getting one in-completion grade will hurt me. Not that much, but it will. But the truth is, I’m scared to ask her a question. In elementary, I would easily raise my hand and ask with confidence. Not in my math class.  I understand everything she’s teaching so far, because I make myself understand it.

My Strings Speech!

My Dreidel Speech
I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay, and when it’s dry and ready, oh dreidel shall I play! Hi! I’m Paris! The song we are about to play, is definitely familiar to people who celebrate Hanukkah. If you don’t know what a dreidel is, it’s a spinning top with hebrew characters used for gambling on Hanukkah. Please give it up for dreidel! Happy holidays!


Hey guys! Please make sure to be active on my website! Make sure to share our smiles to your friends! P.S. for those of you who don’t already know, I am a small youtuber, and I was wondering what my subscriber name’s should be. Please comment for suggestions!

The Daily Post!<3 12/6/15

Hey Guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve been here!  I would love to tell you my gossip I’m thinking about starting a new series about a girl and her life.  It may or may not include stuff about what’s going on here at my middle school. I really would like to be using this a lot more. A lot has been happening to me. Serious stuff. I’d love to be writing more and telling you guys some more amazing stories. Even though I barely have any views, I want to put a smile on those couple faces that take the time to read.  My winter orchestra concert is coming up! And I signed up for a speaking part! I was chosen, but as a back up…BUT, when I came back from lunch,  one of the guys didn’t want to do it anymore! WOOHOOO!  I’m making my speech for the song, “Dreidel.” But if I had to choose, I’d do it for “Jolly Old Saint Nicolas” or the ending speech. I’ll post my speech tomorrow. Oh before I go, iHascupquake, my guru Youtuber, she is doing a holiday giveaway! Check her out! Happy Holidays!<3